With genuine voice, you reach your audience's attention. It carries beyond the din of everything else. We trust it.

Developing your authentic voice through writing. Find your language for a new idea. The connection between you, the new idea, and your audience becomes stronger.

Writing expands our perspectives on work, world, and life. Let WivInc design a seminar that integrates in-person seminars with online conversations to develop your ability to speak and write about your work.


"Listen, magician,
Your class was inspiring and, in fact, transporting.
I stayed as long as I did because I felt so engrossed in what you were doing. You have a calling — it is teaching. I am certain that those students will, years from now, remember and value the experience."

— Robert Gerst, Chair, Liberal Arts Department
Professor Film and Documentaries,
Mass. College of Art and Design


Explore writing that connects you to something that matters in the world. In-person and online seminars available.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Making. Thinking. Writing.
Explore the dynamic play in making, thinking, and writing—to support growth for new ideas. Learn to speak and write about your work. Address what the internet demands today: image and word together.

Flash Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction
Explore Flash Nonfiction—short forms of thoughtful, artful nonfiction. Flash Nonfiction is true stories, well told, often under 1000 words. Learn to tell a story in one of the fastest growing forms of literature on the web and in print.

Nature and Environmental Writing
Practice writing about nature in the form of travel, food, humorous, memoir, and spiritual essays. "From the beginning American writing has concerned itself with the story of people and the natural world," writes Bill McKibben. "Envrionmental writing is America's single most distinctive contriburtion to the world's literature."

Curry College, Milton, MA
Research Writing
Find unexpected connections between research and writing. Learn how they fuel curiosity. Special emphasis given to clear, concise writing for professional work.

The Gordon Institute, Tufts University, Boston MA
Story Telling Skills for Graduate Leadership Program
Stories close the gap between inspiration and creative action. They move us beyond the boundaries or limits that we set for ourselves. Learn practical skills for storytelling to reach your audience.

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