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Jeanette Luise Eberhardy is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. She is passionate about developing storytelling skills in leaders to build genuine connections with their audiences. Why stories? They help us narrow the gap between inspiration and action.

For the past three years, Eberhardy has been studying the practices of global thinkers for her next book Creating Meaningful Work which profiles activists, artists, and entrepreneurs—working in Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Norway, and the US—who have successfully integrated work, education, and life purpose. Eberhardy is also writing Life on the Page: Interdisciplinary Teaching in Writing and Art with visual artist William Flynn.

Trained in Social Ecology, Eberhardy learned the value of interdisciplinary work to access new insights for work. Eberhardy holds a PhD in Educational Psychology and a MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing. She has worked in settings as diverse as an emerging software company to a top ranking US Art College. Eberhardy has taught storytelling skills to emerging leaders, including youth, women in business, global activists and entrepreneurs—in Egypt, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the U.S.

Publications and Presentations:

On writing as an act of living: An interview with Terry Tempest Williams
Brevity, January 2013, Issue 41,

Reinventing your work: An interview with Jane Brox and her newest book Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light.
Brevity, May 2011, Issue 36,

Biomimcry: Using nature’s stories to spark new thinking.
Drs. Jeanette Luise Eberhardy & Mary Adams Viola. Keynote Address,
ALMA 31st National Conference, Arizona, U.S. November, 2010.

Working in an age with myths & online gaming activity.
Personal Essay and Book Review on Ethan Gilsdorf”s
Fantasy, Freaks and Gaming Geeks
Brevity, May 2011, Issue 36,

Voices of Resiliency: Ann Frank visits Egypt.
Essay on Francine Prose’s biography of Anne Frank.
Brevity, Summer 2010, Issue 33, www.brevitymag.com.

Armor Art Counters War Destruction.
Personal Essay and Book Review of Guibert & Lefevre’s
The Photographer: Into War-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders.
Brevity, Fall 2009, Issue 31, www.brevitymag.com.

Our relationship with food: What would happen if we thought differently?
Personal Essay/Book Review of Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food.
Brevity, May 2009, Issue 30, www.brevitymag.com.



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